Official Launch Of DST-KMRL Project

Official Launch Of DST-KMRL Project: Intelligent CPS Data Analytics Platform For A Metro Rail Transport System 

Press Release

The formal inauguration of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India sponsored research project titled “Intelligent CPS Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System” (Project Code: DST/ICPS/T1091) under the principal guideship of Fr Dr Jaison Paul Mulerikkal CMI (Principal, Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur) will be held on 21st December 2019 at 9.30 AM by Sri Suresh Gopi MP at Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) HQ, 8th Floor, Revenue Tower, Park Avenue, Ernakulam. Sri Suresh Gopi MP has shown a keen interest in this project in the past and made representations to various government agencies on its behalf. Mr A.P.M Mohammed Hanish IAS, Managing Director, KMRL will preside over the function in the presence of Rev Msgr. Thomas Kakkassery, Manager, Jyothi Engineering College (JEC), Thrissur and Rev Fr Mathew Vattathara CMI, Director, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET), Kochi. This is a joint research project between KMRL, JEC, Thrissur and RSET, Kochi.
DST has allocated 25 lakhs to this project which will fund the remuneration of two researchers up to 3 years and the project’s ancillary expenses, including a small server/computer cluster. Two data scientists (JRFs) have been hired for this project namely, Mr Sajanraj T D and Ms Deepa Merlin Dixon. The Co-Principal Investigators of this project are Dr Vineeth Rajatlal (JEC), Dr Sminu Izudheen (RSET) and Mr Binu Ayyappan (RSET).

The project aims to design an innovative data analytics platform for KMRL to enable seamless transport within Kochi metro city. The project also aims to replicate the same system for the use of other metro cities with sufficient customisation. This data platform will collect, store and synchronize relevant data from the Metro Rail System, Water Metro, Bus and Auto- rickshaw networks. Ensuring privacy and security, an analysis will be done on this so called “Big Data” using Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) techniques. Its derived information, insights and patterns will be made open to developers as well as the public through a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The same insights shall be used by KMRL to effectively manage its present services and systems and to plan ahead for the future. This will eventually improve the public transportation experience of the public.

For example, this will enable passengers to have real-time and AI-assisted point-to-point trip planning at their fingertips for the fastest or the cheapest modes of travel, combining metro rail, water metro, bus and auto rickshaw networks. Video analytics of CCTV camera feed of all stations will allow us to get the number of male and female passengers and classify them based on age and other features. These numbers will help KMRL to plan its ancillary services at a particular time and at a station. The same analysis will also help identify the length of queue formation in various stations and anomaly detection like pick-pocketing or fare-evasion. The same system can also raise flags for unattended bags or any other security risks. Analysis of ticketing data from KMRL, Water Metro, bus and auto-rickshaw networks using machine learning and deep learning algorithms will help understand different patterns of passenger travel behaviour and help generate future predictions. These algorithms will also be able to predict the shopping nature of public around a particular geo-tagged area since the Kochi 1 card can also be used as a shopping/debit card. It may also predict any change in the shopping or entertainment centre of the city to certain geographical areas of the town, which will help better town planning, based on travel and shopping patterns.
The aim is to make Kochi, a world-class metro city incorporating AI, machine learning and data analytics techniques over its various transport-related data. This is the first of its kind project in the country. Bringing online and other private taxi services and parking solutions under this integrated data framework will be the future scope of this project.

Take a data ride with the superstar!

After the inauguration, Sri Suresh Gopi will take a metro ride to Aluva Station from Maharajas College Station to help generate interest in this project. All who are interested in this project – CEOs, developers, start-ups, innovators, students and the public – are welcomed to travel along with him and the project team to network, to share ideas and to discuss the possibilities of collaboration and contribution.

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