19th Sep 2014

Early Masses in Malabar: the St Thomas Christians of India

Not many people know that Christianity in India is as old as Christianity itself, and older, in fact, than many of its European counterparts. Indian Christians are well-integrated in Indian...

14th Apr 2014

Life of “Jai”

It’s the tale of two mugs, from the life of an ordinary Indian boy who swam to distant lands he never knew! The first one – the orange mug –...

15th Jan 2014
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Honouring the Memories of a Brother

On15th September, just after midnight (around 00.30 am), my mobile phone started to ring. I was at bed and knew that it was an overseas call. Usually I never take...

15th Jan 2014

An Epiphany of Meaning in the Holy Lands

I have traveled a bit over recent years, thanks to the international technical conferences that I had to attend as part of my PhD work and supported by generous ANU...

15th Jan 2014

Towards a Theology of Internet

Underneath the flashy websites and amazing apps, the Internet is turbo-charged by content delivery networks (CDNs), which most people are quite unaware. CDNs are the third party providers who host...

14th Apr 2011

Speech at National University of Defense Technology, China

Respected members of the faculty, students and ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to be here for this prestigious international summer school at China’s National University of Defense Technology,...

15th Apr 2010
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Most Loved Video – Chettikulangara

It started as a joke – to do a dance at the annual Canberra Malayalee Association Cultural Festival (2010). Then everyone got on board – Roby, Justin, Manu, Babitha, Mini,...

27th Jan 2010

Mysticism Beyond 0s and 1s

Search for traces of mysticism in science in the light of Steven Hawking’s Grand Design The whole of computing, as we understand today in computer science is based on 0s...